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Small Businesses We Support

Below is a listing of businesses we use and support. 


Unplugged Power Systems provides Off Grid Adventure and our home with power solutions (solar panels & wind turbine) made for off grid lifestyles and business applications.

The Pantry Food Hub features locally produced food products & handcrafted goods. Free food items are available on our community table! 

We actively purchase local food from The Pantry, check it out! 


Llama-zing Adventures offers unique activities for people of all ages. pick a llama and come join us for a walk on the beach, river, or simply in the woods! 


We Believe - Saint John Inc. is a registered charity organization providing educational programs and materials to youth, families and communities across the country and around the world. We are a 100% Secular organization without affiliation with any Church, religion or any other organizations of any kind.

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