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Horse Park Facility

Our new facility will be open in Spring 2024 AT A DISCOUNTED RATE for a limited time. Get in early to lock in the introductory rate for a full year.

We are the only private horse park east of Ontario; and the only horse park in Canada to offer full board + camping and guided crown land excursions. Our 60 acre Recreational Horse Park is located at 16 Mill road, Anagance, NB  (5 seconds off the hwy near Petitcodiac): 25 minutes from either Sussex or Moncton.

Our new expansion includes:

  • 60 x 80 indoor (100' on the diagonal) arena

  • 100 x 200 outdoor arena

  • round pen

  • 3 acre pastures (4): small herd environment

  • pastures are left natural & have waterways

  • holding area inside each pasture gate for your comfort when fetching a horse

  • installation of drinking posts waterers

  • free access to hay (we have a dedicated local grower!)

  • new TALL industrial steel fence posts & 2 strands of braided wire, with a strand of steel wire between

  • individual holding pens (6)

  • 13 kms of private groomed trail for foot traffic only (wheeled carts welcome)

  • we back onto Crown land

  • connection to local ATV trail system

  • drive-thru trailer parking

What we are doing differently:

  • NO lesson programs

  • NO horse training programs

  • NO horses for lease or rent

  • NO outdoor board (everyone has a box)

  • HYBRID BOARD: horses are outside enjoying natural pastures whenever possible & only stalled when it's too hot/cold/wet (and 'iffy' winter nights)

  • CAMPGROUND ON SITE: want to stay with your horse on days off? Or invite a friend to play by trailering in their horse and enjoying the facility with you!


  • trails for cart horses

  • 1/2 acre dry lot paddock for minis

  • (4) 25 x 40 dog pens for your buddy to play while you ride

  • obstacles placed along the trail

  • potential for an indoor obstacle course in the future!

  • planned excursions including guided overnight rides on your horse

  • trailering available!

The expansion of Off Grid Adventure is focused on recreational riders who want to have fun, learn practical skills, and experience life with their own horses outside the showpen.


"Unplug & unleash the adventurer in you!"

          Fun events & shows 

          Everyone requires NBEA \ EQ & must sign a liability waiver.

          Vaccinations mandatory for boarding horses

          Equine vet available to a limited number of new people.




          We will encourage safe ATV exposure and offer controlled opportunities to develop a trail safe horse: but there are No ATVs on our private trails ensuring you only engage when you choose to.

          Trailer-in camp & ride guests are not required to vaccinate their horses if they're not coming up to the facility

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