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Are you looking to go solar? off grid?

Our home with 9 solar panels that provide energy along with our 60 ft wind turbine.

We can help you!

Many people buy solar panels unsure of where and how to install them.

What we do:

  • assist you in calculating how much electricity you require

  • inspection of your property to find the best orientation of solar panels

  • install and connect solar panels to your home's electric panel

What makes you qualified?

  • currently living 100% on solar and wind energy all year

  • converted a 100 yr old home to solar energy

Unsure? Come visit our off-grid home! We provide house tours and show you how we live successfully off the grid.

Interested in lowering your energy bills?

Call Mike today (506) 688-2831 to discuss your solar options, or to arrange a house tour!

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