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Off Grid Cooking ~ Chick Pea & Mixed Vegetable Curry

Updated: May 23

Thank you to the students of PRS for having me come out and show how I cook off grid!

Here is the recipe I made today:


Frozen mixed vegetables

1 can chick peas - drained

1 can 796mL can chopped tomatoes

1 onion ~ chopped small

Coconut or vegetable oil for cooking

Coriander ~ chopped (optional)


red pepper ~ ½ tsp less if you wish it less spicy

finely cut up chilies (optional based on spice level)

turmeric ~ 1 tsp

garam masala ~ ½ tsp (optional)

garlic, minced ~ 1 tsp

ginger, minced ~ 1 tsp


  1. Place oil and onions in pot, cook onions til lightly brown

  2. If using chilies, place with onions once they become translucent

  3. Lower temperature, and spices. Cover & let it cook for 2 -3 min on low heat

  4. Add the frozen vegetables and coat them with the onions and spices. Cook for 5 min on high, covered.

  5. Add the chick peas and mix well.

  6. Turn heat to med-high, add water til it peaks through the vegetables. Cook covered.

  7. Cook til the vegetables are cooked through and chick peas are soft.

  8. Add chopped coriander on top once done & enjoy!

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